4 Simple Tips You Can Use to Increase Female Fertility Naturally

Increase Female Fertility Naturally

Talk to most women and they either know someone or are someone who have fertility problems. Women these days are seeking ways to increase their fertility naturally. The good news is there are many ways do help you do this! Here are just 4 steps to begin:

1. Emotional Freedom Technique - Tap your positive senses though EFT.

healthy and nutritious diet

What is 'EFT'? It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it's one of the newer alternative therapies that women have had success with in boosting their fertility. It involves ‘tapping’ on key areas of the body to ease physical and emotional stress.

You can ‘Tap’ weekly or even daily in just a few spare moments at home to stay in a positive mental and physical state.

Do you feel you are exposed to stressful situations all day long? EFT is a very helpful technique for managing stress, which can ultimately cause fertility problems in both men and women. Learn more about the power of EFT and how you can use it to help yourself overcome negative feelings that could impact your ability to conceive.

Move past those psychological barriers that prevent natural and healthy fertility by 'tapping' specific parts of the body. Tap away past negative beliefs and traumas about infertility and other negative thoughts about becoming a mother. This will help you accept that your mind and body are one and in a positive state to conceive.

2. Healthy and Nutritious Diet

healthy and nutritious diet

We all know a balanced diet is necessary for good health. Did you know it also regulates hormones and nourishes your entire reproductive system? Every woman looking to conceive must keep in mind that any illness will affect her ability to conceive. Optimal health is your primary goal and a major requirement for fertility.

  • Eat more whole foods and steer clear of all junk foods.
  • Your daily diet must consist of foods that are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants which are helpful for reducing stress on the reproductive organs and egg cells.
  • Cut back on your caffeine intake and avoid alcoholic drinks.

Avoid foods which may contain environmental chemicals, such as those commonly found in pesticides for example: xenoestrogens. These chemicals may cause an imbalance in your hormones which can adversely affect your fertility.

3. Keep Your Weight Under Control As Much As You Can

Weight Control

Being under or overweight significantly impacts your ability to fall pregnant. Underweight women, with a BMI under 19 kg/M2, are four times more likely to have difficulty falling pregnant compared to women of normal weight with a BMI of around 19 to 24 kg/M2.

Even if they don't have type 2 diabetes, overweight women may also have difficulty conceiving as having excess body fats can lead to an insulin resistance, .

A  high-carb diet such as breads, pastas etc can pose problems regarding insulin function and can disrupt your menstrual cycle. Oestrogen hormones are produced from fat cells, so this may in turn cause problems in your ovaries, while possibly preventing egg release on a regular monthly basis.

4. Harness the benefits of fertility massage.

Fertility Massage 2

Whilst massage is not a common therapy for trying to fall pregnant, fertility massage is a natural and safe way of helping you to conceive.

It's ability to increase blood circulation to the uterus, eggs and ovaries, make it a very helpful technique for increasing a woman’s fertility rate. Fertility massage also aids in transporting fresh oxygen-rich blood around your reproductive system and to other important areas of your body.

A word of warning, do not get a fertility massage or uterine massage while you are having your period or if you suspect that you could already be pregnant. And don’t let just anyone perform this massage on you either. If you are interested in trying this therapy, look for a massage therapist in your area who specialises in fertility massage.

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